The Hotel Kalliste, in the center of Ajaccio, Corsica

Car and Scooter Rental

Rent a Car in Corsica
Rent a Car in Corsica

To make the most of the Ajaccio city and region, at the hotel we offer a special service. 
Directly from the city center of Ajaccio, you can rent a car, a motorbike or a scooter without  having to move.
Thus, this privileged service is available at the hotel reception thanks to our exclusive partner - Rent A Car Ajaccio.
This partnership enables us to offer the best rates for car rental.  

This will allow you to easily discover the most beautiful landscapes of the west coast of the island.
Porto, Piana in the north, Propriano, Bonifacio in the south, or the inland area of the island towards Corte or Bastelica. There are a lot of day trips that you can easily enjoy thanks to our car rental service in Ajaccio.
Maybe you will decide to try the Ajaccien Dolce Vita aboard one of our rental scooters.
This will let you visit different beaches all along the Gulf of Ajaccio, without worrying about traffic jams on your way back after the swimming. And what can be better than going out for dinner in one of the paillotes (Corsican beach cafes) or restaurants without worrying about parking!

We offer the following vehicles:  
  • Tourist car, all categories
  • Motorbike from 125 to 400 cm3
  • Scooter 125 cm3



Car rental in Ajaccio
Car rental in Ajaccio
Thanks to our partner Rent A Car, you can rent a car whether upon your arrival at the airport or directly at the city center hotel on the cours Napoléon.
 This exclusive offer allows more flexibility in your choice and the best rates.
 But it also brings you convenience and efficiency ! Our agents are available for any advice concerning the itineraries to make from the hotel (daily steps).
We have two car rental offices in Ajaccio. 
Please find the details, contact information and the online booking conditions  on the website of our partner car rental service in Ajaccio or on the website of our partner Rent A Car in Ajaccio.



Il you want to rent a motorbike or a scooter in Ajaccio to discover the pleasures of this imperial city, here are some elements of choice and conditions to follow.
Indeed, it gives you a special sense of freedom to drive in Southern Corsica. This a a very practical and fun way to discover the city by combining the Ajaccien dolce vita, cultural discovery and functional side that helps you avoid wasting your time in traffic jams. 
  • To rent a motorbike of 125 cm3 you must have at least a category B driving licence.
  • To rent a motorbike with a cylinder capacity exceeding  125 cm3, the motorcycle driving licence is required.



Documents to be provided at the moment of rental:
  •  driving licence (the minimum age is 23 and a 2-year driving licence at least)
  • 1 secondary identity document
  • Credit card issued in your name (security deposit of 900€ will be required the day of rental).
  • The driving licence of eventual additional drivers  (subject to the same age conditions).



We offer parking spaces for both motorbikes and cars in the city center.